Artist Makes Mona Lisa From 100,000 Carats of Jewelry

Posted by Deepika singh on 09 Mar 2011 12:56 PM

A Chinese jewelry collector, who probably had more money that he could spend, has created a replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” with 100,000 carats of jewelry. The artists name has not been reveled; all that’s known is that he’s a jewelry collector who has spent the last five years working on this one of a kind jewelry painting and the last 30 years collecting all the necessary raw gem stones. The thousands of jewels used ad up to an impressive 100,000 carats.
This bedazzled replica of the Mona Lisa is currently on display in a shopping mall in Shenyang City, China.



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Artists Makes Mona Lisa From 100 000 Carats of Jewelry Shenyang City China Artists Mona Lisa Carats of Jewelry

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