Copper Finish Cast Shoe Collection from Tom Dixon

Posted by Deepika singh on 25 Jan 2012 11:45 AM

British designer Tom Dixon's highly anticipated work, 'cast shoe' collection spotted at Maison et Object 2012 is a classic English gentleman's brogue, cast in solid aluminum with either a copper plated finish or a black powder coating.
Each piece of footwear measures approximately H85 x W300 x D100 mm and features details such as creases from wear and decorative perforations.
With his 'Eclectic' collection he also wanted to execute some of the smaller ideas the studio had along the way. Dixon said,'things that are to play with or give or use every day, things that are designed and are undesigned, and things that areā€¦ eclectic.'
Currently Dixon is in discussion with international manufacturers regarding the production of the pieces going public before September 2012.



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Copper Finish Cast Shoe Tom Dixon Copper Cast Shoe Collection Eclectic collection

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Well expensive or not, his shoes are 4 dose that are bold enuogh to STEP OUT in them cos they\'ve got class so I\'ll say Just Far Enough? Walk D Swagg\' \'Swagg D Walk\'

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