Eco Bath System Operating On Recycled Water

Posted by Ujagar Singh on 27 Aug 2012 06:41 PM

Wastewater comprises of liquid waste from living areas,commercial establishments and industry. Municipal wastewater is usually treated in a combined sewer,sanitary sewer,effluent sewer or septic tank. Eco Bath is designed to use water waste from the wash basin. his water is is recycled for the toilet flush. The contraption looks like a normal water tank with additional two levers and one LED. When the tank is full of recycled water green light glows and red glow indicated empty tank. The toilet is flushed by using the lever.



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both are equally fernidly if they are made from recycled products. If you are looking at it from virgin materials Glass is probably the more noticable harm (mining leaves large areas blighted for years) however the chemicals used to create plastic (including the main ingrediant, oil) are far more destructive then glass. (6 in one hand half dozen in the other) Recycled is best no matter how you look at it the energy used to recycle plastic is I think (if i remember correctly,) only slightly lower then that to recycle Glass.

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