Flume Bath Tub A Boon For Disabled

Posted by Ujagar Singh on 21 Feb 2012 11:19 AM

Using a bath tub by the disabled is an unthinkable task. Flume Bathtub, the winner design at the Red Dot Design Concept is the answer. The tub works on the principles of a seesaw and is built keeping the safety of people with restricted movements in mind. A great innovation.



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This is the best baby bathtub! It\'s peecrft for my 6 pound baby. She is well supported by the bump and doesn\'t slide down or slump over to one side. The size is just right to keep her in place so I can have one hand on her and one hand free to grab soap or the washcloth or towel. I started using it right after the belly button stump fell off when she was ten days old. I had another tub for my first baby, but this is so much better. If you\'ve been looking for a good baby bath, this is it.

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