Geometric Printed Lamp Shades By Tamasyn Gambell

Posted by Ujagar Singh on 23 Oct 2012 06:55 PM

UK textile designer Tamasyn Gambell,was disillusioned by the waste and lack of innovation in the fashion industry. She went in to collaboration with Ercol to produce geometric printed lamp shades for the house hold. She is an alumni of Chelsea College of Art and the Royal College and has worked at Louis Vuitton and Sonia Rykiel. Her work fabric is all hand printed and uses organic dyestuffs and water based inks.



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lamp shades hand printed lamp shades Tamasyn Gambell Ercol

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Yeah, first answer said a lot of good stuff.Some old lhadsampes have a lot of curvature to the upright pieces. It\'s not always so easy to get it right , doing it yourself. Especially getting it taught between the bows. But it\'s definitely worth a try.There are fabric supply places for people who make their own upholstery and curtains. There were two by me, but they closed. A chain craft store like Micheals, AC Moore, or Jo Ann Fabrics might have what you are looking for.You can look at the different types. Go for texture before pattern. Try to find a fabric that is similar in consistency. Some old lhadsampes are much thicker than the ones today. Different fabrics fade under light as well, (regardless of their heat-resistance) which will leave you a strange-looking shade once you turn the light off.You are going to steer toward the flame-retardant materials. Especially if you want to throw in the elusive, rare, 100-watt incandescent bulb (banned in the USA, January, 2012).Good luck, your Highness.

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