Jelly Fish - Threat To Marine Eco Balance

Posted by Ujagar Singh on 09 Jun 2011 06:57 AM

Jelly fish is becoming a source of worry as per a new study. Jelly fish consumes plankton rapidly and in large quantities, thus depriving smaller fish of food . The jelly fish have a significant impact on marine bacteria, which play an important role by recycling key elements and nutrients created by decaying organisms back into the food chain. When fish die and are broken down, the bacteria absorb carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and other byproducts. When jellyfish die, they produce very rich in carbon organic matter which prevents bacteria growth. Scientists feel that if these swarms continue to emerge, it will have a substantial biogeochemical impact on our ecosystems. Jellyfish are taking over the world's oceans. Warming waters and the elimination of key predators like sharks and tuna.



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