Live Maggots Therapy An Alternate to Surgery

Posted by Ujagar Singh on 24 Dec 2011 05:57 PM

Maggots grow out of eggs in to adulthood by eating the meat in which they exist.Maggots secrete a substance into the dead tissue to break it down and the eat it.When introduced into the human body they eat dead flesh and leave out the healthy one. The FDA gave approval for use of maggot therapy back in 2004. A study was conducted on 119 men around the age of 50 years.Patients with non healing, slouchy wound 40 cm and less than 2cm deep were selected for the study. One group under went conventional surgery,while the other received maggot therapy.In the surgical procedure,a scalpel was used to cut away dead flesh. In the maggot procedure a bag containing sterile maggots was pressed against the wound which was covered by a thin film to protect against infection. Thus, the maggots were confined to that area without freedom to crawl inside the patient. The study observed that patients that had received maggot therapy,showed better results at the end of the first week. After that,there was no discernible difference in the two procedures. More study is required to prove the therapy.



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