Master Piece Miniatures From Single Toothpick

Posted by Ujagar Singh on 11 Feb 2011 08:21 PM

Miniature art is a specialty art, not a novelty art. Miniature art is most often extremely detailed work. A miniature usually takes longer to produce. A fine miniature can be magnified many times and it will still hold together as a fine work of art of much greater size. Most artists can work on large pieces, but few have the skill and discipline to work miniature Artist Steven J. Backman rightly enunciates his motto as “The Essence of Patience” and patience is hall mark of these masterpieces. Backman makes sculptures out of toothpicks. His works here, are miniatures made from a single toothpick. There are many such talented artists, some work on a grain of rice, while other, have put holy scripture in miniature form.



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Miniature miniatures

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