Miapolis- One Skyscraper to beat all

Posted by Administrator on 30 Jan 2011 02:05 PM

Miami, once home to the rich and powerful elite, has had is fair share of financial woes during this global recession, but that’s not going to keep the folks at Miami depressed or dejected. On the contrary the city is planning to come up with the Miapolis, which once complete will hold the title of being the world largest Skyscraper, dwarfing even the 183 meter high Burj Khalifa, in Dubai. Kobi Karp, has designed the Miapolis to come up at Watson Island with a height of 975 meters. It would house an amusement park, observatory, restaurants, 1.96 million sq ft of shops, over 1000 apartments, 1 million sq ft office space and a 792 room hotel. The Miapolis is expected to wipe out Miami’s financial woes by create 35,000 permanent jobs, pay off $39 million debt owed to the City and inject $2.5 billion annually into the local economy.



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