Recycled Glass And Plaster Casts By Daniel Arsham

Posted by Ujagar Singh on 23 Dec 2012 08:39 PM

Daniel Arsham is a multidisciplinary artist.The artist while working with crushed glass,recycled ceramics,molded sand and the resin has created "Reach Ruin," a beautifully resonating solo exhibition currently showing at Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia.The resin and fiberglass figures are exhibited at the exhibition entrance on the first floor and the shattered glass sculptures are on the eighth floor. Arsham works depict a world of destruction and despair haunted by a traumatic childhood experience with Hurricane Andrew.The storm ravaged his home and neighborhood in Florida,leaving a trail of destruction.“Reach Ruin,”is an outcome of that horrifying experience.



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Sculptures glass and plaster casts Reach Ruin Daniel Arsham Fabric Workshop and Museum Philadelphia

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