School Made of discarded Plastic bottle 3times stronger than concrete

Posted by Administrator on 29 Dec 2010 10:34 PM

Discarded Plastic especially in the form of bottles are a major problem faced by modern civilization today. A Revolutionary idea conceived and developed by Illac Diaz and My Shelter Foundation is paving way by utilizing these discarded bottles to make a One of a kind school in Asia for children in San Pablo, Philippines. The walls are made by using1.5ltr and two liter Soda and water bottle filled with Adobe, a substance which is considerably cheaper than concrete abut almost 3-times stronger than it. In order to raise awareness for the school, My Shelter Foundation organized a run in June. They also collected bottles – which most people were more than happy to get rid of – at the event. The Bottle School was constructed with the help of dozens of volunteers who secured the bottles with liquefied adobe and steel bars. The site was donated by the local government of San Pablo.



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School Made of discarded Plastic bottle Illac Diaz My Shelter Foundation liquefied adobe San Pablo Philippines

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Hi, you could buy a bottle cutetr from, or if you have a rotary tool, use the little diamond wheels on it . That will cut glass, but the secret is to put a single piece of masking tape on the bottle ,than while cutting ,keep putting a few drop of water on it. You could also use a hacksaw using one of those blades that look like a burnt Forth of July sparkler. That takes a little more time though. They used to sell bottle cutetrs that where inexpensive and we used to have one when we where growing up, but now the only ones I can find are thew Delphi Glass .com Bye


Touchdown! That's a relaly cool way of putting it!


Grade A stuff. I\'m unquetsinobaly in your debt.

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