Solar Powered Eco-Friendly Reverse Trike

Posted by Administrator on 20 Jul 2011 04:40 PM

This Solar Powered Reverse Trike designed by Farrukh Khan makes good use of energy derived from the sun. The solar panel on top of the vehicle charges the battery and transforms it into a electric ride. The trike has three wheels: two at the front and one at the rear. This placement of wheels tags it as a reverse trike. The 60kg frame comes fitted with a 24Volts DC, 17Amp motor, whereas the batteries will be 12V, 80Ah.
The lightweight trike will be maneuvered with the help of front wheels that will provide great stability. The eco-friendly ride makes sure that no harmful gases are added to our environment. It has been crafted in a way that will make apt use of solar power in today’s traffic loaded era. Farrukh spent just $550 to get his own eco-friendly vechicle.



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Solar Power Eco-Friendly Reverse Trike Farrukh Khan Solar Powered Trike

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