Table Tennis Table Goes Hi Tech

Posted by Ujagar Singh on 22 Mar 2012 08:59 PM

Table tennis table has gone hi tech.The Multitouch STIGA Waldner Table Tennis iTable with resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels,new HiDPI of Apple supports the multi touch screen of the table.The table top is coated with a low-friction,smooth and soft acrylic. The table is of standard size i.e.5 cm thick, 76 cm high, 1.52 m wide and 2.74 m long.



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Table tennis table tennis table Table Tennis iTable Multitouch STIGA Waldner Table Tennis iTable

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I like having the calotague online, but it should show what the backs of tops look like, even if just in a drawing. Descriptions would be helpful as well. And which ones are classic fit and which ones are performance fit. It appears to be PDF format, so when one tries to zoom in, it gets a bit blurry. The idea is great. It just needs to be a little higher tech.PDRTJS_settings_3830102_comm_390 = {\"id\" : \"3830102\",\"unique_id\" : \"wp-comment-390\",\"title\" : \"I+like+having+the+calotague+online%2C+but+it+should+show+what+the+backs+of+tops+look+like%2C+even+if+just+in+a+drawing.++Descriptions+would+be+helpful+as+well.++And+which+ones+are+classic+fit+and+whi...\",\"item_id\" : \"_comm_390\",\"permalink\" : \"\"}

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