The Naked Human Furniture

Posted by Ujagar Singh on 24 Mar 2012 09:48 PM

Dzmitry Samal,is a contemporary industrial designer.He is known for his naked human furniture.The human figure furniture is so thoughtfully designed as a lower table, a chair. The naked human furniture is made of soft plastic,with a metal structure inside for support and is offered in metallic colors of purple,blue,greens and golds.



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Furniture human figure furniture Dzmitry Samal

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Cleaning it should do the trick. Wipe down every surqae inch. The underside, the legs, all of it. If the material is metal, plastic or Formica, use spic and span, If it is wood, use Murphy\\\'s Oil Soap. If upholstered material, use a shampooer, Woolite upholstery shampoo in a spray can works really well. Let it dry out real well before using.

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