The World’s Smallest 3D Printer Is Only as Big as a Milk Carton

Posted by Deepika singh on 18 May 2011 01:08 PM

A group of engineers at the Vienna Institute of Technology claims that they have not only created the world's smallest 3-D printer, but also cheaper than previous 3D printers. The idea is to make this 3D printer the one that people could actually use. The university claims this is the world's smallest 3-D printer, designed to print with a special kind of synthetic resin that instantly and precisely hardens when hit with an intense beam of light. That gives it the ability to print very intricate as well as very sturdy objects. The team says the prototype is "no bigger than a carton of milk," about 3.3 pounds in weight and priced at about $1,700, it's still ridiculously expensive but it could possibly be cheaper if there ever is a mass demand for such a device.



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Vienna Institute of Technology smallest 3D printer The World’s Smallest 3D Printer Milk Carton 3D printer

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