Tougher Than Ply Paper Skateboard

Posted by Ujagar Singh on 21 Mar 2012 07:07 PM

These amazing paper made skates were spotted by Paul Spinrad at the Pecha Kucha show in San Francisco. The grand idea was conceived by Alberto Villareal, when he along with others were invited by a book printing firm,that had spoiled a complete batch of art books during printing. Alberto cut and weave the books into a jumbo sized mesh,he then put these in resin to make a bombproof,beautiful skate board. The designer has very thoughtfully made use of the colorful art work of the spoilt volumes.



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Right out of the box these skates look relaly good and well built. I never skated on wheels bigger than 80mm before. My first time out with these skates they relaly felt very difficult to turn compared to 80mm skates. At fist I thought I was going to sell my new Radical Pros the next day they relaly felt difficult to turn because of the larger wheels. After adjusting the laces a few times these skates got much better. I took them to a local indoor roller rink and skated four 2 hours these Radical Pros relaly started to feel great! The larger wheels are much faster the the 80mm skates. My ankels relaly hurt compared to my old inline skates. I guess because of the smaller boot. Im sure I will get adjusted to this new boot over the next few skating secessions. Along with getting more comfortable and faster with my Radical Pros.I relaly like these skates and would recommend them only to an intermediate or advanced skater. They are very fast and take a bit of practice to turn and stop. But the speed and power the bigger wheels make, are well worth the sacrifice over the nimble control smaller wheels have.

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