Tube Bench By Peter Donders

Posted by Ujagar Singh on 08 Sep 2012 06:54 PM

The work of Peter Donders is possibly the best example of how traditional craftsmanship and computer technology can work together.His affiliation to organic forms and a solid base in design construction and style,Peters uses the latest computer graphic technology to bring to life his ideas in 3 dimensions. This latest bench design by Peter Donders is nothing less than spectacular. The familiar rigidity of metal has been completely transformed into a fascinatingly fluid and graceful entity. To create the bench a simple tube has been stretched and optimized much like an elasticized fabric via interactive simulation to create an optimal form. The form is then "baked"to lock in the parametric shape, after this no further manipulation is possible.This is the base for the 3D model that is used to create the final sand mold for casting.The aluminum bench is then finished and painted with the precision and quality of the finest sports car.



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