Turn Your iPad Into an 80s Radio Cassette with Stereolizer

Posted by Deepika singh on 16 Mar 2011 05:28 PM

Sterolizer delivers music in a form that Jon Bon Jovi would approve of Jon Bon Jovi, the hair metal legend, has been whining about digital music. It which turns your iPad into a 1980s stereo, complete with twitching VU-needles, a big volume knob and a tape deck, so you can pirate your music the old-fashioned way. Sterolizer tunes into internet radio stations searchable by name or country. You can also spin the dial to find radio streams, and you get authentic-sounding fake radio interference, just as you would with a real radio. The app is a lot of fun, and just $2



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iPad Into an 80s Radio Cassette with Stereolizer hair metal legend Jon Bon Jovi Radio Cassette Stereolizer

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