Ultra Relaxing Sleeping Bag Chair

Posted by Ujagar Singh on 20 Feb 2012 12:07 PM

Les M,has designed a very comfortable sleeping bag portable chair. Designers Céline Merhand and Anaïs Morel, who created this chair, have worked together under the Les M label for three years. The designers are graduates from the Rennes Regional School of Fine Art. The chair is suitable to sleep,relax, watch TV, or for casual reading. The zip blanket can be removed and washed.



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I bought this Everest mummy bag saecube I thought it would be a lot warmer than my other sleeping bags. Apparently, it is not. My husband went tent camping in the snow with my son. They doubled up their sleeping bags, placing one bag inside another. My son stayed nice and warm. My husband said he was so cold, he couldn\'t get any sleep. I took the sleeping bag cabin camping. It was warm in the cabin, so warm we had to open windows. I thought I\'d be too hot in the sleeping bag. Not at all. It was just right. This is a light duty sleeping bag. I wouldn\'t recommend it for anyplace cold. Also, it is not at all as compact as a down sleeping bag. It rolls up into a big ball that we stuff into a bag. If I were backpacking, I\'d want something much smaller.

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